May 15, 2016


“In 2003 I moved to Bronxville and started working working out with. I wanted help specifically with a fitness routine to help me with my tennis game. I was just getting into competitive tennis and really wanted to be in shape. Eight years later and my team just won a National Championship out in Indian Wells CA and I’m sure that my continued commitment to fitness and training with Frank has made all the difference. Frank has been very flexible with his training, always keeping the routines interesting and fun and always pushing me further than I would on my own. It’s been a pleasure working with him all these years and I can honestly say that I still look forward to my workouts and especially the results”.
Holly Fleming • Bronxville


“The difference between Frank Ortiz and any other trainer is his multi-layered understanding of anatomy. I’ve achieved functionality and strength along with a better inside/outside look…..and it was achieved injury free! His repertoire is vast (from boxing to kettle bells to suspension training and more!) so there’s never a boring workout.”
LT • Mamaroneck • Age 60







“I’ve been home training with Frank for over ten years and I’ve never felt or looked better. Every session is effective, interesting & fun. His in-depth understanding of the body has kept me injury free, agile and strong. My training sessions definitely help me get through the week!”

Sarah K • Scarsdale




“I have been training with Frank for over 14 years. Frank has helped me develop a foundation of physical strength and overall health and knowledge about my body. As a result of the work we have done I am a stronger and more confident tennis player and equestrian. Over the years Frank has incorporated kickboxing, running, racquetball, circuit training, Tabata, and kettlebells to keep our workouts fun and interesting. Currently, we are working out three days a week at 6:30am. I look forward to our workouts because the results of our hard work continue to evolve. I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to Frank!”

Leslie Anagnostakis • Bronxville



“Frank Ortiz is an excellent trainer. His skills and knowledge blend to provide me with the perfect balance of toughness and motivation that keeps me focused and working harder for three years. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey- especially with Frank’s guidance.”
RCK • Tuckahoe








“Frank is a fantastic trainer… I have been working out for 8 years and started working with frank about 6 months before my wedding a year and a half ago. I was at a point where I was plateauing and couldn’t lose any more pounds… When I started working with frank, he was able to analyze my workout, showed me different exercises and different ways to shock my body. As a result, I was able to lose 15 pounds before the wedding and I thought I looked and felt great! Working with Frank is a great and pleasant experience. He pushed me in a non-pushing way and was very encouraging in helping me attain my goal.”

Matt V.  •  White Plains, age 42


“I have known Frank for over 10 years and started training with him about a year before my wedding in September 2013.  I had decided that I needed to get “wedding ready” and wanted Frank to help me do so.  We began with once a week sessions and then bumped it up to twice a week about 3 months before the wedding.  Once I started seeing Frank twice a week (and carefully watching my diet), I really started to see great results.  We had been doing full body weight routines and he also introduced Tabata to me (and my husband).  We both found this workout extremely challenging and fun.  Frank always impresses me with his knowledge of anatomy and how each exercise can benefit different areas.  It also helps that he has a great sense of humor as it can make our time together fly by.”

Karen V.  •  White Plains,  age 45