May 15, 2016



Exercise Benefits

Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, running, biking and swimming increase the heart rate, strengthens cardiac muscle and allows the body to use stored body fat as a fuel source for purposes of losing weight.

Resistance exercise helps to increase strength, improve sports performance, increase neuromuscular communication and elevate the body’s basal metabolic rate. Research has also shown that regular resistance exercise will help to increase and maintain bone density.


Massage Benefits

· Increase blood flow to all parts of the body in order to transport nourishment, eliminate toxins and other waste products

· Relief from chronic pain caused by buildup of adhesions and scar tissue from previous trauma or injury

· Assist in venous blood return to the heart thus lowering blood pressure and increasing the percentage of oxygen in the tissues

· Decrease discomfort due to muscle pain, arthritis, tendonitis, Fibromyalgia, stress related headaches and insomnia.

· Passive and active joint mobilization to increase and maintain range of motion


Exersage Benefits

· Decrease post workout soreness

· Elimination of post workout by-products (lactic acid)

· Increase in muscle recovery

· Returning musculature to its normal “resting” length

· Enhancing the adrenaline “high” with the release of endorphins

· Correct postural imbalances