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Take your game to the next level or just train for life

Does your current game lack the power you once had? Are you plagued with back, shoulder or hip problems? Is your performance just not what it used to be? Whatever your sport or activity Exersage can help. Exersage is the unique combination of Exercise & Massage brought together to optimize strength, reduce injury related pain and maximize your athletic potential. Exercise comfortably without the fear of re-injury while improving strength, mobility and overall performance. Address chronic muscular issues and decrease workout recovery time with neuromuscular stretch and therapeutic massage. Take your game to the next level or just train for life



Personal Training is important for the health and longevity of your life. We instruct to help you gain balance and health


Sometimes our clients like the idea of training with a partner. It is motivational and fun


Massage therapy has benefits beyond muscle tension relief. There is an overall health benefit as well.